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Are you fed up with
hardwater and limescale?

Installing a water softener is the only way to eliminate issues with hard water.
"Amazing drinking water filter and water softener changed our life."

Water Softener Installation in Kent

The Hard Water Challenge:

Many homes suffer from hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. This leads to a variety of household problems such as scale buildup in plumbing, decreased efficiency of soaps and detergents, and damage to appliances. The effects can be frustrating and costly, impacting everything from your laundry to your personal care routines.

Our Reliable Solution:

Our water softeners tackle these challenges head-on by removing the minerals that cause water hardness. This process not only helps in maintaining the efficiency of your home appliances but also ensures that water is softer on your skin and clothes. With our systems, you get to enjoy the true potential of your water without the drawbacks of hardness.

The Aquasoft Difference

1. Impartial advice & a genuine choice

Aquasoft is the only specialist in Kent offering all four manufacturers, meaning you get a system suitable for your needs

2. Simple Fixed Price Installation Policy

no matter the complexity of your install we have fixed pricing

3. Professional installations

using only the highest quality components.

4. 1st class aftercare service

for all your supplies, maintenance and repairs

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"Aquasoft went beyond the call of duty! They were wonderful and installed my water softener together with new pipework..."

Aquasoft Water Softeners

Some of our best selling water softeners

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    1. Impartial Expert Advice

      from water quality experts

    2. Suppliers of all major brands

      giving you great choice

    3. Professional installations

      Using only the highest-quality components.

    4. Comprehensive guarantees and parts warranties.

      for peace of mind

    5. 1st class aftercare

       for all servicing, maintenance and repairs

    6. Kent's largest salt delivery network

      Salt delivered to your door

    7. Ongoing support

       just a phone call away

    8. 30-day money-back guarantee

      The only company to offer

    The only water systems specialist in Kent to offer a 30 day no quibble guarantee. Call us today for a no-obligation discussion on how we can transform your water!

    Call Now: 01227 656670

    "Aquasoft went beyond the call of duty! They were wonderful and installed my water softener together with new pipework..."

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