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Salt Delivery

Block Salt and Tablet salt Deliveries

Salt, the whole salt, and nothing but the salt!

This photo shows the costly effects poor of quality salt, requiring a softener to be fully stripped down and serviced. The sludge at the bottom of the cabinet are additives.

High quality, pure salt is an ESSENTIAL ingredient of an efficiently functioning water softener. Until now, you may have thought that all salt is the same?  Whilst it may be tempting to save a couple of pounds on cheaper brands in the short term, hidden additives and ‘anti-caking agents’ create a sludge in the bottom of your water softener. The end result? Hard water and a costly repair!

Use only Broste EXPO and AXAL tablet salt and Harvey or Kinetico block salt so please contact us today to arrange a delivery to your door at competitive rates.


Kinetico Block Salt

Harveys Block Salt


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