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Installed A Water Softener Recently? Check 4 Maintenance Tips

Since installing a water softener in your home or office is an investment, your primary focus
should be on maintaining it so that they can operate efficiently and offer optimal performance. It
is one of the home appliances through which water is continuously running. Unless you clean
and service it regularly, rust will build-up and other residue will start accumulating in it. The best
you can do is to hire a water softener professional to service the appliance on a regular basis. The
right professional might even share a few maintenance tips to make the system last longer.

Few Tips To Keep Your Water Softener In Top Condition

  • Check The Salt Levels
    The primary function of salt present in water softeners is to regenerate resin beads which
    extract the hardness out of water. If you want your water softener to offer optimal
    performance, make sure that the salt level is not too low. Hard water won’t change into
    soft water and start leaving white residue on fixtures. There are even a few situations
    when hair and skin starts becoming dry and sticky due to hard water. You can check the
    salt level by looking at the brine task. Salt pellets should cover the visible water in it.
  • Replace The Resin Frequently
    Since resin ease the ion exchange process, it is considered to be a vital element used
    during water softener operation. Though the resin installed in a majority of the water
    softeners are designed in such a way so that they can last for around 10 to 15 years, it can
    break down faster if the water has a high level of chlorine and iron. If you ever feel that
    the water softener is not capable of producing sufficient soft water even after consuming
    salt at the regular rate, it’s time to replace the resin bed. Remember to test the water’s
    softness level after replacing the resin.
  • Add A Pre-filter
    Iron, sediment, clay, sand and other substances found in tap water and well water can
    clog the water softener or damage it. If you want to delay installing a new system, add a
    pre-filter. Its primary task is to remove contaminants from the water before it reaches the
    water softener. The system will offer optimal performance for around 9 months and after
    which you just have to hire a water softener installer in Kent. They have adequate
    experience and expertise to make the installation process easy.
  • Clean The Brine Tank
    The brine tank should be cleaned at least once every year if you don’t want salt to form
    clumps or make the regeneration process less effective. How often you should clean the
    brine tank is dependent on the amount of iron or sediment in the water. You will have to

clean it more frequently if the level of iron is high. Instead of trying a DIY, hire a
professional offering water softener maintenance as cleaning the brine tank is a bit
If you can’t keep your water softener in top condition even after following the tips stated above,
approach a renowned water softener installer and get the system replaced.

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