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Cost Savings With Softeners Can Be Significant

Sold on the benefits of having a water softener installed but concerned about the cost implications? Well, worry no longer. Not only do we have a range of options to suit all budgets, there are also significant cost savings with softeners to be made when you make the switch from hard to soft water.

Save on your shopping bill

The minerals in hard water means that it does not combine well with soap and does not create a proper lather. Whether you are cleaning yourself, your home or your clothes, this leads to you having to waste more and more detergent just to get a decent result. With soft water not only do you need to use a fraction of the amount but cleaning will be more effective. Due to the drying qualities of hard water you will also need to use more creams to moisturise. The limescale that builds up on surfaces and within appliances will also all need their own specialist cleaners. With soft water, this is not necessary. When you break it down, the cost savings with softeners to be made for an average family of four are significant:

































































Save on your energy bills

The average household in a hard water area will gain at least 1.5mm of scale building within its internal plumbing over a year. As scale is an insulator, the heat of your system will be transferred less effectively. This means that a greater amount of energy is required. A build up of just 1.5mm is enough to reduce your heating efficiency by at least 12%.
















Boilers can be expensive to replace. It’s worth noting that in addition to saving energy, softened water is expected to preserve your boiler’s lifespan to the standard 15 years.

Installing a water softener really does act as a long term investment that will save you greater amounts of money over the years. Please contact us today and let us find the best deal for you.





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